Project Description

COAL POWER PLANT– Bocamina & Colbùn


The coal-fired power plant located in Puerto Coronel in Chile, uses a 1,215 t/h steam flow to power a 370 MWe generator. While the overall project was committed to TECNIMONT, TRILLINI engineering was responsible, on behalf of Main Contractor, for the engineering of the switchgear serving the two control and safety systems of the plant: Fire & Gas Detection and Extinguishing System.

Sector: industry&power
Year: 2009 – 2010
Location: Colbùn, Cile – Bocamina, Cile
Client: Endesa Chile/Colbùn Energia


The activity performed by TRILLINI Engineering was divided into two main parts, the first one for the coal-fired power station in Colbun and the second one for the Bocamina power station.

In the first part, TRILLINI Engineering produced the plans and the layout of the electrical system for the fire detection and extinguishing system of the power plant, according to the customer specifications. Moreover, TRILLINI Engineering supervised the wiring of the interface systems and the conception of the overall architecture of the electrical system.

The second part of the project was intended for the Bocamina power station, whose construction started in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

The activity ranged from the drafting of the general block diagram to the realization of the layout of the main switchgear and of the single fire detection and extinguishing system switchgears, from the installation schemes to the electrical cableway routing of the safety systems.