Trillini Engineering was founded in 1996 by Luigi Trillini. The company started as a consulting firm in the field of industrial health and safety (HSE). The company acquired familiarity with the challenges connected to the different disciplines of industrial process plants. The company cooperated with an important multinational corporation working with process automation technologies, providing consultancy services in both design and commissioning of building management systems (BMS).
The multi-disciplinary approach became the leitmotiv of the company. The company aims at hiring experienced and qualified co-workers, which allows both a horizontal and vertical growth of the company knowledge. In fact, two different souls coexist in the company:
The capacity to have a wide overall view on the design process, acquired via a vaste on-site experience
A steadily growing set of skills in the detailed design of various engineering applications, like HVAC, electrical engineering, measurement instrumentation and Fire & Gas.
The company many times faced the problems connected with the lack of integration between different engineering branches, namely mechanical, electrical and electronic disciplines. Therefore, the company decided to orient the development of its knowledge and skills in order to offer integrated design services for HVAC, Electrical installations, instrumentation and Fire & Gas, managing to guarantee a high degree of integration between the different knowledge areas. The company soon managed to gain the confidence of important customers and main contractors acting on the international market, allowing the build-up of more experience and knowledge.
In almost 20 years of activity, TRILLINI Engineering gained relevant knowledge in different fields, as construction, industrial plants, energy, Oil&Gas, developing and accomplishing more and more complex and elaborated projects.
Due to the steadily higher level of knowledge and integration required in the fields of energy conversion and Oil&Gas, TRILLINI Engineering decided to put an important effort in order to organize the company structure and to orient its knowledge background to rapidly respond to the challenges in these two main subjects. In the latest years, the company completed important projects both in Off- and On-shore installations, gaining the trust of important Main Contractors with whom many fruitful collaborations were initiated.