Subject: Water Mist Fixed Fire Extinguishing System, Deluge for Transformers Fixed Fire Extinguishing System System, Foam for TG Lube Oil Tanks Fixed Fire Extinguishing System, CO2 for Radwaste Storage Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and FM200 Fixed Fire Extinguishing System.

Location: Mochovce – Slovakia

Year: 2013 – ongoing

Final Client: ENEL / SE – Slovenské Elektràrne

Project Description

The Mochovce nuclear power plant in Slovakia hosts 4 nuclear reactors developing an electrical power of 450 MW each, for a total of 1.64 GW. While reactors 1 and 2 are already operating, reactors 3 and 4 are still under construction.

TRILLINI Engineering was hired to take care of the engineering development for all the aforesaid fixed fire extinguishing system and to give a proper assistance during construction phase.

Particular attention is focused on compliance to relevant mechanical, electrical European regulations, relevant NFPA regulations and NPP and client specifications in terms of material and solutions adopted.

Furthermore assistance is given for evaluation of seismic and static calculations regarding pumps skids, gas bottles racks, piping, raceways and relevant supports.

Assistance has been given for seismic qualification tests performed on the seismic vibration tables for electric switchboards and control panels with relevant documentation.

Assistance has been given for EMC qualification tests performed for electric switchboards and control panels with relevant documentation.

Assistance for solving non conformities raised by client or Third party during construction.

Assistance for definitions of proper site electrical and mechanical commissioning procedures.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, TRILLINI Engineering was in charge of:

  • Revision of interfacing with the FPDS – Fire Detection and Protection System by ENEL
  • Revision of the operational logics,
  • Revision of Cable Routing with support seismic calculations,
  • Revision of design of the electrical and mechanical layout and calculations.



  • P & ID
  • I / O Lists
  • Technical Reports
  • Electrical Wiring diagrams
  • Electrical cables sizing and calculations
  • Instruments loop diagrams and hook up details.
  • Cable Routing