Object: Gas Compression Station
Location: Berneau – Belgium
Year: 2010
Client: Renco Spa
Final Client: Fluxys
Project Description

The compression station in Berneau, Blegium, is part of the Belgium natural gas network supplying natural gas to the whole country, form Gravenvoeren (Dutch border) to Blaregnies (French border).

The aim of the project was to size the air conditioning system of the Service Building both for summer and winter operation. This building is in fact designed to accommodate the service equipment for the management of the compressors (starting system, power supplies, inverters, etc.).

The large amount of heat produced by the electrical equipment in the switchgear room and in the VSD Room must be dissipated, in order to avoid excessive temperatures which could block or harm the switchgear, causing the shutdown of the entire compression plant.

In the compressor buildings, a continuous fresh air flow is ensured, in order to guarantee a safe atmosphere. An efficient engineering of the ventilation system allowed the proper air-conditioning of a massive air flow and the compliance with strict constraints.

Moreover, particular effort was put in the evaluation and assessment of the technological uniformity of the economical offers supplied by the different vendors. The performance of the air handling units were in fact strongly influenced by the extreme operating temperatures, which forced the machines to operate far from the optimal operating point.