Project Description



The Remediation Technology Centre is part of the redevelopment of Ponticelle area located in the Petrochemical district of Ravenna. The area subjected of remediation is planned to be refurbished with the following installations:

  • Organic waste to oil treatment plant;
  • Photovoltaic power plant;
  • Solid and liquid waste treatment platform;
  • Remediation Technology Centre (CTB).

Sector: oil&gas
Year: 2018
Location: Ravenna, Italia
Direct client: Expertise
Final client: ENI Rewind


The CTB has the main purpose of testing remediation technologies has can rely on two different buildings:

  • Phytoremediation greenhouse;
  • Laboratory.


Trillini Engineering on behalf of ENI Rewind verified HVAC and building services engineering (Basic and FEED phases) for Greenhouse and Laboratory. Then, Trillini Engineering prepared technical datasheets for Lab equipment and reviewed E&I engineering of Waste to Fuel plant and Solid and liquid waste treatment platform plant. Both projects are lighthouse projects in terms of innovation and complexity of the technologies applied.

These activities were completed in strong cooperation with ENI Rewind engineers who were responsible for providing project inputs and targets.