Object: Pre-Engineering Study

Location: Centro Oli Val D’Agri – Viggiano (PZ)

Year: 2019

Client: Key Solution

Final Client:  ENI

Discipline: Oil&Gas (Onshore Facility)

Project Description

  • Replacement of Emergency Shutdown Systems due to obsolescence of the product
  • upgrading of the supervision system and substitution of the Opertator Workstations and Servers with Virtualized machines
  • Expansion of the existing ESD system for the management and acquisition of new signals to be commissioned during the plant shutdown scheduled in 2021

Scope Of Work for Trillini Engineering

  • Evaluation of technical aspects and operation constraints
  • Evaluation of the Preliminary Study issued by System Vendor (ABB)
  • Cause & Effect analysis to identify Critical loops
  • Issue and discussion of the safety systems test procedure
  • Meetings with the System Vendor to evaluate all the technical aspects and critical issues related to the replacements of the systems and to define the activities to be sceduled
  • Meetings with the client and vendor for the definition of the schedule during plant shutdown in 2021 and in the previous months

Project Feature

  • ABB ICSS (safeguard and 800xA) with more than 50000 I/Os
  • Analysis of existing System Architecture
  • Analysis for ESD logic upgrading for SIL certification
  • Study to maintain Line monitoring of Digital Output Signals (DO)
  • Segregation of DCS and DCS control networks