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What we do

F&G, E&I and HVAC: integrated approach for safe operations

TRILLINI Engineering is able to support his customers from the tendering phase to the project commissioning and startup.

TRILLINI Engineering designed installations for:

  • Fire & Gas Detection
  • Inert gas Fire extinction system
  • Deluge Fire extinction system
  • Water mist fire extinguishing system
  • NOVEC based extinguishing system
  • Water based HVAC systems
  • Split based HVAC systems
  • Air based HVAC systems

TRILLINI Engineering is accustomed to deal with:

  • ATEX areas
  • Blast risk sites
  • Extreme climatic conditions (-45°C – +55°C)
  • National and international norms

Why we operate in this sector

Fossil fuels power plants, nuclear power plants, gas compression stations and other industrial plants require reliable F&G, E&I and HVAC systems since they are fundamental to ensure safe operations. Those systems must be integrated one to each other and automation logics must be developed to ensure both safety and comfort conditions.
TRILLINI Engineering has a background in process automation technologies and in the design and commissioning of building management systems (BMS). This experience helps in facing F&G, E&I and HVAC design and commissioning supervision activities with an integrated approach in Energy and Industry sectors.

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